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Our focus is you

Indiana University is zeroed in on equipping our students, faculty, and staff with the fundamental tools and life skills to thrive. With our health and wellness initiatives, the Office of the Chief Health Officer communicates, collaborates and leads to help our community with a proactive approach.

Student mental health initiative

To help meet the needs of our community, the university has identified three focus areas and created a Task Force for each area to determine how to help the larger IU community while keeping in mind the needs of each campus.

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A woman holds mental health resources and materials

University spokesperson

Having a spokesperson for the university on matters of health and wellness such as Ask Aaron and the Healthcare Triage podcasts helps with clear and consistent communication.

To inquire about booking:
Email: cho@iu.edu
Phone: 812-855-4794

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Dr. Aaron Carroll speaking in a small group meeting
An IUPUI staffer uses hand sanitizer

Covid and infectious disease management

Monitoring the latest updates, staying current with protocols, and advising on preventative measures.

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Community health advising

Advise on and serve as convening liaison for day-to-day community public health issues, collaborating with IU Environmental Health & Safety, county public health officials and other experts as needed.

An IU employee sets up for a vaccine clinic

University collaboration

Collaborating with the Office of Student Success and HR, we work to facilitate discussion, planning and coordinated action among the various offices and programs concerned with the health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff.

A sign on the IUPUI campus celebrating national recovery month